Source of Happiness

Studies reveal our natural state of being is to be happy. Let us assume the state when we are not impacted by anything happening to us or in our surrounding. Pleasures, grief, sorrow, anxieties, pain. What else is left of us hence? Our source of happiness is in observing and living every single moment of our life. Breathing, loving, talking, eating, walking all regular chores when understood and observed closely, creates the true source of happiness in our lives.

We should not be mistaken with the fleeting pain or phases of grief to entitle our life. Having momentary pain does not make us a sad or a depressed individual. We are just experiencing it and only to return to our natural state which is nothing but happiness. We are therefore much better off by not seeking happiness (which I call pleasure and is similar emotion to grief) as an end goal. Just as grief, the pleasure is also momentary and will fade away. We must understand this well and know that we have to return to happiness.

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