Unapologetically You.

Welcome to the world, take it all in as much as you can.
It belongs to you, never let a limit define you, never let a rule stop you.
Be wilder than fire, clear than water, softer than air, but never be the same together.
Never hold yourself to man-made boundaries, never lose your nature to a culture.
Create your paths so high that the roads raise their standards to meet you.
Never let a wall of doubts be built around that would ever stop you.
School will educate you to history, math and language, the journey to your future will have to be self-learnt.
Through trials and tribulations, you will meet new masters, accept them with arms wide open as they polish you to become a brighter star.
Keep competing with your inner self so hard, no external force can ever deter you, raise the bar so high, that even your demons will fear you.
The God you worship is within you, miracles you expect is within you, gratitude you crave is within you.
Cultivate the free-will unabashedly within yourself, as I have never seen a wild thing feel sorry for itself.

Beware of the people you choose to be around you, beware of the vibes they bring around you.
Beware of the snake who impersonates as a friend, beware of the foe who left without an end.
Temptations are in abundance, negating them is a virtue, for that virtue has to be built over time.
The time will ask of patience, sacrifice and tears, but in the end, it is you who stands as the winner.
Learn to say “No” to people, events and compulsions that bring no value to your life.
Don’t tolerate anyone who doesn’t treat you well, don’t for emotional reasons, don’t for financial reasons.
Practice the art of saving as early as you can, the art of saving money, the art of saving health and most importantly the art of saving true relationships.
Find a partner who brings the best in you and makes you a better version of yourself.
Find someone who worships your soul and not the physical you.
Never tolerate disrespect, never cling to fair weather friends, never accept false adulation, never applaud for the undeserving.
Learn the art of being cruel to be kind.

Your mind and your body are the two assets which you really own and will always be with you use them wisely, uncompromisingly and unapologetically.
In an easy deal, always look for the fine print, every free meal comes with an undisclosed cost.
Never fall prey to agreements and arrangements that become a cause for your worry.
Let go of the smaller things, they suck you into the tunnel of mediocrity,
yearn for the toughest accolade for it’s not the reward but the journey that will satiate you.
Your biggest life defining moments and achievements will come through your toughest paths, embrace them with grace and passion.
No material, luxury or money in the world can bring that happiness to you, for that happiness is real.
Never step up on someone, never look down on someone, it’s not the individual battles that matter, but the war which you fight as a team that counts.
Take time to build what you believe in – the best in this world have been created patiently with unflinching dedication.
Never distract yourself with temporary winnings, stop and pat yourself during the journey, keep moving for the larger goal, the goal which is never set, the limit which is never defined and the bounds which will never control the “You”.

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