Augmented Reality

Our incorrect beliefs about our improper selves have got the media, political entities, and business conglomerates to build a conniving market of falsehood.
The falsehood of products, views and opinions revolving in our ecosystem draw us away from the truth into the world of imagined realities.
The imagined reality of not being faired skin, of having dark spots, of not having the perfectly sculpted body is a multi-billion-dollar industry worldwide.
The fashion and glamour industry constantly bombards us on how the clothes we wear, the skin tone we have, the way we talk are indecorous and there are alternatives available in the “market” that can correct these!
The fact that you are the way you are or are comfortable in what you wear is unacceptable to the thriving business strategies of these industries.
Flip through the best-selling magazines of these business houses and the modus operandi unfolds.
Less content and more advertisement, more of how you need to step up to the society, more of how you need to develop a spotless skin to be noticed, more of how you need to buy that coat to be a boss player.
Just more of those phoney values to keep saying you are below par!
You have been sold a dream created with photoshopped fashion models, layers of make-up, arduous hair fixes and studio setups that question the ethos of natural beauty.
When you eventually settle in buying these myths, you are hit with changing fashion trends.
What was sold to you yesterday is now obsolete, what was announced earlier is now passé. You are constantly inundated with new products, new punch lines and new narratives.
There is a rush for more, buy more, consume more and finally waste more!
Consumerism is the buzz word today that drives innovation, product life cycle, brand endorsements, sales – all part of the same value chain.
If you ever feel the urge to measure your worth, ask the ones who matter and not gauge it through random brand savvy journals.
Ask your parent of how your concern for them, makes them happier.
Ask the one madly in love with you on the impact of a heartfelt smile.
Ask an old friend the importance of an advice given that helped them take those crucial decisions.
In the end, the sum total of these impacts by you is what creates your worth and your beauty.

We then have the media distorting real life information, presenting views and opinions on events which might have not occurred in the first place.
Building a negative narrative that fosters fear, as fear is directly proportional to the channel viewership or TRP.
Negative content is extrapolated to the highest factor and presented, as we tend to remember the negatives more than the positives.
We remember the people who hurt us the most, than the ones who gratify us. Often the ones who gratify us are taken for granted!
We remember the days we were sick, more than the days we felt great about ourselves.
We have a higher recall to our failures or shortcomings, than what we are good at or moments that made us happy.
Positives are happening all around, but are you buying?
These traits of humans formulate the information that is fed to us on television, newspapers, magazines and on social media.
More often than not this information is miles away from the truth but seeded to drift the audience from the foremost questions surrounding them.
Real change is ushered when these questions are bought to the forefront and answers are demanded for, with the right people at the right forum, least through sensational opinions, surveys and pleas.

Cultivate minimalism at the heart of capitalism by focussing on the essentials of life, differentiate between need and want.
Dive into yourself and love the irregularities within, love those irregularities as they define you from others and stop you from the becoming of someone else.
Be proud of the skills you possess, work at improving and polishing those skills from time to time and announce it to the world unabashedly.
Inculcate values that are worthy than materials or products and services, thrown at your face through well designed campaigns, advertisements and tag lines.
Follow people, topics, events that believe in these similar values as you, the learning will be immense and powerful.
Research every piece of information you consume through media, social media or external sources to get as close to the truth.
Never be afraid of highlighting the difference between that truth and fabricated information that is readily bestowed.
Develop a habit of comprehending why topics become viral, do they deserve your attention at any point or simply be trashed away!
Channelize anger into a constructive force that works for the development of a cause, the root of the cause that built the anger within in the first place.
Venting out on social platforms will only condense that force within, let that power not be taken away from you.
This in turn helps political parties to instigate a propaganda that works in their favour, a theme having no linkage to the issue at hand.
We are surrounded by media, technology, brands more than ever, learn to abolish the evils of these three forces by embracing its positives.
Combine the three into creating authenticity as it is – as it happens and by not falling to the lure of proposing an augmented reality to your audience.

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