Experience Zone.

Embrace the difference presented by individuals, for in that variance is the zeal of life. We often look in trepidation, guilt or jealousy towards the other voice that does not blend in our construct. We are visibly discomforted when we see an idea erupt which questions our beliefs or values. This is where we flaw in relishing the surprises and variety that others bring upon.

If that is righteous or morally correct, we must adapt to see the light in each other’s idea and expression. Clinging on vehemently to a pre-set notion stunts our growth and gives no test to our minds to think beyond the obvious. Yet, supporting the ones with such ideas helps us to grow mentally and emotionally akin.

It is this diversity which we must not only enjoy but look to meet each day wherever possible. Be it in trying out a new cuisine, meeting a new person, listening to a song of a language we absolutely do not understand but still sway to its melody and tune. Travel to a new place once in six months, suggest an offbeat thought to your colleagues at workplace or even acquire a new skill that is not related to your job. It is by doing this consistently, we can start claiming our stake on a wholesome or happy life.

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