Progression of Intelligence

Moving over handsome hunks, super-hot babes, wealth and swag, the 21st century will look into a new form of sexy. That facet happens to be our own Emotional Intelligence or EI quotient. All throughout the 20th century, our societal shenanigans tried to uphold the Human Intelligence as the most superior asset to individuals.

Human intelligence which is based on cognitive science and behaviour, learnings, our experiences and the science of natural selection. This however on the flip of the current century is majorly challenged to be displaced by “Siren Servers” or corporations that play with the entire gamut of Human intelligence. This play leads to creation of the Artificial Intelligence networks and through machine learning plans to make the human being redundant.

As we engross ourselves with personalised choices and options that are tailor made through this form of intelligence, we are limited to the idea of free world or a free will. For the decision to buy a product or agree on terms and conditions of a contract or even to vote for a leader would be largely coerced by this code of intelligence.

There is a way out however, if humans build on the trait of their own Emotional Intelligence. Label the emotion that is stirred out of artificial intelligence created on an e-commerce cart, social media platforms or other spin doctors to understand what the bot wants you to do or select or vote for. By keeping our own intelligence above the emotions triggered by networks or a code we can present a better use case for humanity that rides over all forms of AI and automation.

Intelligence Pyramid
Intelligence Pyramid

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  1. This happens to be one of the best reads .. so rightly stated that EQ has to be placed above all for a collective distributed success 👍

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