Work your guts out.

The thought of starting something new, pursuing what we love or following our dreams gives us the scare of losing our comfort and leaping into the unknown.
A predicament faced by all, albeit some of them who did, will tell you this:
Start irrespective of the challenges your mind perceives, for these dwells only in your thoughts and very rarely in reality. The only truth about your future is that which is known to none.
Our mind is tricked with the concept of motivation for action, whilst all tangible motivation is only driven by the way we act.
No matter the infant steps, no matter the falling, no matter holding the ropes, the idea needs to be acted upon!
Instigate your voyage by mingling into the process of learning with minor progressions and then taking larger strides, improving at every move to get from good to better to the best.
At every crossroad, the failures you encounter will define the pain you are willing to sustain.
It’s the acceptance of this pain that pushes you further, what kind of pain are you willing to endure?
An upcoming artist endures days of starvation to forage a line of acknowledgement or recognition for his art, an athlete turns into a champion for his endurance to injuries and still dedicating to long hours in training.
An entrepreneur builds an empire by enduring rejections, 24/7 working weeks and financial losses.
Your success story is not about the achievements you’ve gained, but the pain you have chosen to endure over time.
It is admirable when you announce a venture and gain the support and respect of family and friends.
All of whom, with the exception of a few can steer you only up to a point.
The moment you are left to hustle alone is where your real endeavours start.
The hustle is dark, painful and will demand all what you’ve got, give all that you’ve got anyways. Ideas and concepts won’t materialise at times, keep moving anyways.
The darkness of going blank while drafting a business plan or writing a book, the darkness of staring at the mobile phone waiting for client calls, the darkness of paying off liabilities and daily essentials when there is no income coming in.
Ignore the failures that keep pulling you back but remember the lessons they thought you.
Ideate through varied pathways, if a plan goes bust, hunt for alternate methods to re-execute the plan.
Be relentless towards your goal, work from being good to the journey of becoming unstoppable.

Innovate with concepts, wherever possible, as much as possible, do not succumb to mediocrity for shortcuts or safe havens.
To accomplish what others haven’t achieved, you need to pursue what others haven’t imagined.
Challenge your beliefs, keep researching and keep acting until what you are offering is truly world class.
That level of innovation isn’t easy, easy is short lived and short valued. Aspire to build an eternal force.
Focus drives innovation at all levels, unflinching focus where you don’t blink in your thoughts, thoughts which are then executed into action and life.
Acclimatise into the zone of your unadulterated, uncooked thoughts and instincts.
Invigorate those into shape and form, structure it to the needs of your consumer or goal and watch the fireworks it creates.
Attend zealously to your consumer, the smallest, average and the largest.
Invite criticism, feedbacks and improvements for real development and progress of your venture.
Safeguard the accolades and adulation from the eyes and the ego, cherish them unobtrusively and move on.
Strive for improvement in your offering even when you are the best, you may be the only one in the room, keep questioning yourself.
Your best is not what you delivered, but the one which is yet to be unleashed.
The privilege of this journey is yours, let it not be taken or questioned ever.

Face competition at the heart of it, embrace opponents with arms wide open and then let them know why you are different.
Let the opponent fear you or hate you, but essentially make them respect you.
Encourage competition to bring their best to the table that pushes you to better yourself.
Stride with healthy rivals, rivals who challenge you in the race to supremacy. Redefine supremacy through your learnings and corrections.
Collaborate with the idea of rivalry raised by competition, accept it, absorb it and eventually rise above it.
Never blink in a fight, never cringe in adversity, announce openly what you will deliver and then deliver better than what you announced.
Be open with your team in achieving greatness, don’t immerse yourself into popularity but see them in the eye with true purpose.
Accept the open, unexplored avenues with candour and valour, bring value and joy to each life you touch, let each life breathe and feel you.
Own your failures, your challenges, your competition and all the misfortunes you encounter, the success of your enterprise and goal is defined by the pain you chose to endure.
If you are going through hell, keep going by choosing your pain wisely.

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