The God within You.

Imagine me conveying to you about a pink lion and then say…there isn’t a pink lion….stop thinking about the pink lion….the pink lion should be out of your thoughts.
For every reason I give you on the non-existence of a pink lion, you keep drawing a pink lion in your imagination.
There are two people in your mind speaking with you right now, one who tells you to think about the pink lion while the other tells you to stop thinking about it as it doesn’t exist and is some made up bullshit.
Now compare this pink lion to any negative thought, does it exist? – No, are you thinking about it? – Yes.
This is the duality of your mind, the two voices speaking in your head are the two distinct and characteristic functional parts of our single mind.
It is from here all our thoughts, beliefs, reasoning, logic and eventually actions and habits are manifested.
The two minds have been addressed in forums and books through varied terminologies – the sleeping and the waking mind, the subjective and the objective mind, the male and the female mind or the conscious and subconscious mind.
All of which refer to the same powerful physiognomies of our minds.
What you think, feel or speak in your conscious mind is slowly and surely seeded into your subconscious mind that starts giving it a form (the pink lion).
This is how our fears, our worries our happiness and all our other emotions move from what we keep thinking about into the registers of our subconscious mind.
When we seed a negative thought (which mostly does not exist), or even the denial of it starts seeding and shaping itself into your subconscious, for the subconscious makes no distinction of what is good or bad, positive or negative, acceptance or denial.
What the subconscious shapes over a period of time, eventually creeps into your actions, habits and well-being.
Watch what you speak or wish for, watch what you want to bring upon yourself, watch your thoughts as they eventually become things.

This is where the infinite and boundless power resides within you, this is what you need to harness carefully and thoughtfully.
For any situation in life that you go through, bring upon the positives that you wish to foresee through that situation.
Bless yourself, ask the subconscious to heal your soul and each cell in your body unconditionally with all faith.
The prayers we offer to our Gods are eventually the prayers we offer to our subconscious mind, asking it to heal and bless ourselves and our loved ones.
It is this faith that we have in God that we need to bring into our own and our subconscious by seeding the positive saplings which eventually grow into an unshakable dominion.
Our minds and bodies are designed for the good, the good is the only truth for it takes a lot of effort over a span of years to bring in the bad.
Think of a newborn as they grow, the child has abundance of trust, love, and belief. We diminish those characteristics and powers with societal orders and do’s and don’ts.
To bring upon this astonishing power within you, pray like a child to yourself with unflinching faith in the good, for the good is the original manifestation of yourself.
Good is the ultimate truth where bad is the false, abundance is the truth where poverty is the false, perfect health is the truth where sickness is the false.
Pray to speak this truth to yourself, this truth will eventually manifest into shape and bring you the results.
Pray for the truth of your loved ones, for your subconscious passages into the well-being of others, even if you are physically away from them.
Believe in your belief by harnessing the God within yourself with compassion, love and faith.

Be the best friend your subconscious could ever have, for the subconscious will deliver you the results you always wanted.
Speak to your subconscious about your dreams, paint a picture of this dream to your subconscious and suggest the path you can get there.
Let there be no interference while you do so, this should be at absolute ease without any friction of thoughts.
The optimum way to achieve this is let yourself into a meditative, relaxed and drowsy mode where you are alone with the subconscious and speak about the positive.
Awaken your day and sleep into your nights with these thoughts as these are the intervals when your subconscious is clear for you to speak.
Speak of perfect health, strength, positive vibes, courage, vitality, peace and calm.
Speak to your subconscious about abundance of love, wealth and space around you.
Be an artist of your own life by painting the canvas with vibrant colors of this universe that blooms into success and peace.
Stop assuming this to be a wishful thinking or blind faith, for this truth is available in the miracles with highly successful individuals, which we at times label as “luck”.
Let the luck be called upon you and me by replacing the negatives with the positives.
Pray into the GOD within you and witness the marvels of the GODS of the entire universe bring the good upon you.

Whosoever shall say unto this mountain, be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith.

Mark 11:23

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