Unlearn to Learn

Human beings were, are and will continue to be the most powerful and dangerous creatures to live or have ever lived on this planet.
The reason – Humans never settled to a single belief of what they knew, heard or learnt.
Humans were ignorant or posed to be ignorant of it’s ecosystem, humans wanted to explore, wanted to know more and gain more.
The need for this exploration led man to navigate to unknown territories and march over living beings that posed a threat to his endeavour.
Homo sapiens wiped out the Neanderthals from this planet purely on the cognitive ability of reaching out to other homo sapiens, uniting and sharing knowledge to form a cohesive force, gossiping about each other that broadened their spectrum of information.
The Neanderthals never reached out to form larger organisations, they believed and survived to the limited knowledge they possessed.
Soon they were irrelevant, soon they were wiped from the face of earth.
Not willing to accept the unknown, not willing to unlearn and learn about what could have possibly been their road to survival.
The imperial powers grew largely on this trait of remaining ignorant.
The curiosity of knowing what lies beyond their boundaries and shores, led them to explore out and conquer new lands.
They simply sailed on with the reality of “they don’t know yet”, not clinging to the information they had on their lands, people and wealth.
The unknown flourishes in the mystic of unlearning the prevalent truth.
The marvels of cognitive behaviour, agricultural revolution and the technology boom that we thrive on today are the very outcomes of unlearning the widespread beliefs.

We should never perceive to have attained perfection, but should always remain in pursuit of it.
Perfection resides only to the limit our mind and bodies can be stretched.
We are never correct to a belief, if we ever are – we simply pause our progress on research.
What was correct centuries ago are laughed off today, what is correct today will be laughed off centuries from now.
We were only wrong yesterday, less wrong today and can be lesser wrong tomorrow.
We are hence never perfectly correct.
Science dwells in the unknown, in the unlearning of beliefs that fosters innovation.
History will narrate the fall of people, corporations and empires who were slave to their own pride of “knowing it all”.
Transcendental knowledge is attained by diving deep into a thought, seeking facts to the previous known certainties, abolishing current beliefs, challenging the status quo and shaking the foundations of societal and cultural myths.
Unlearning at times can only be that little minor adjustment you need to bring about in your regular routine and the result can still be profound.
Sportsmen turn to champions by bringing these minor adjustments to what they’ve known so far about their skills and learning newer avenues to achieve glory.
Artists turn into legends through practice by re-enacting, re-writing, re-narrating the myriad ways of delivering a performance.
Books, texts, coaches, diversity are all catalysts to unlearning what we know instead of what exists.
The more of these catalysts in our lives, the more we know, the lesser wrong we become.

Unlearn to depend on a crowd by learning to find yourself amusing.
Unlearn myriad superstitions and religious beliefs by learning inclusion, cohesion and compassion.
Unlearn control, power and authority by learning empowerment to equip the youth with knowledge and skill.
Unlearn pampering children with material abundance and turning them to cult objects by learning to bring them to the world of failures, minimalism and self-dependence.
Unlearn stress, chaos and noise by learning to meditate that brings tranquil to your lives and the lives of your loved ones.
Unlearn comfort and convenience by learning to perspire for those who need you.
Unlearn tolerance and self-pity by learning free will which gives you power to choose, decide and command ownership.
Unlearn adultery by learning the depths of being committed to a single individual and relationship.
Unlearn competition by learning collaboration with the people you team with for a common, larger cause.
Unlearn gorging by learning food types and the nutrients they supply to your body.
Unlearn fear by learning to detach from emotions for irrelevant events, people or causes.
Unlearn the current beliefs and myths enforced upon you all these years by learning the source of these beliefs and why they were created.
Kill yourself with knowledge fearlessly to be a lesser wrong person tomorrow.
Unlearn – Learn – Unlearn, let this be the progressive cycle that takes you forward each second, minute and day in your life.

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